Shivanasamudra visit with friends.

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We left bangalore in the early hours and took a direct bus that goes to falls from the satellite bus stand located near mysore road. There are many ways of reaching Shivanasamudra falls, we can catch buses from bangalore which goes directly go their. Or we can catch a bus to maddur from bangalore and get a bus to go to the falls. For reaching maddur you can get into buses going towards mysore. Also you can get trains which go via maddur and then take bus to shivanasamudra.

Best time visit the falls is once the KRS dam gates are open during rainy season. You can feel the cauvery flowing like Ganga from the head of shiva. Nearest place is electricity generating station which is Asia's first Hydro Electricity Generation plant started in 1900 to light Mysore palace. Safe to drive self or hire. There are two false called "Gagana chukki" and "Bharachukki" forming an Island at a distance of 2 km. In the Islande there is One of Vishnu temple called "Madhya ranga" meaning middle one, which is one of 3 Ranganatha (Lord Vishnu) temple being constructed in the natural Islands formed by Cauvery river.

The water level was not so great, but we had enough water to play and enjoyed a lot. Note that once you get down from bus you need to travel to falls by taking a auto. You can find share autos which take people. But we had booked a auto driver for ourself for which he had asked 150 rupees. That was a cheap bargain as we were 7 people gang.

We started our return journey around 5pm, but to our surprise all Bangalore going buses were jam packed and no place to stand. Since buses are coming from different cities. Finally after missing 3 bangalore buses due to non availability of seats. We took the bus to maddur and then got the bus to Bangalore from there. We reached bangalore around 9.15pm to majestic bus stand.


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