My Dandeli travel Experience

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Me and my friends had went on a trip to Dandeli to enjoy the beauty and ya off course to do the rafting which is famous here. The kali river is very good place to river rafting in south India. We had planned for a two day trip. And i believe two to three days is quiet enough to do all the activities around Dandeli.

After too much browsing and talking to different tour agents, holiday home and other. We finally decided we will go in for a package tour, as it was bit cheaper considering we didn't know anything about the place and we were 6 people who were travelling. We had a good offer from STATE ADVENTURE TOURS which was manage by Shamal. He offered us a 2 day\ 1 night package at a rate of Rs.2800/ head. Below is the trip offerings....

DAY 1:-
veg non-veg unlimited dinner,
morning breakfast,
indoor games, lik carroms, table tennis,badmiton etc
camp fire and
whole night jungle stay,

DAY 2:-
 4.SIGHT SEEING visit to.,

This was a nice offer since it included stay, food, travel and water rafting ( this was important to us).

Our trip started in yeshwanthpur railway station around 9.15pm in Rani Chennamma express train. We reach hubli around 5.30am in the morning from there we took a bus to Dharwad. This was a 30min drive in bus. We then got into the bus to Dandeli from there. This was a 2.5 hours drive from Dharward, the road are quiet narrow in most of the place through this route. We finally reached Dandeli around 10.30am. Luckily the lodge was just opposite to bus stand. 

The gave us a room to get refreshed and get ready for white water rafting in 2 hours time. So we headed for a walk around the town and found a nice place to take bath. The river was flowing very nearby to the bus stand, may be 500m from bus stand. The water was clean enough to take a dip. We enought there nearly for 30 to 40min.

Once back in hotel, we had our vehicle ready to take us for rafting. These people had some dealing with the Bison Resort jungle resort who conduct rafting. But to our bad luck we were not able to do the rafting due to the water level. The dam upstream was closed two days before we reached there. So water level we getting low and hence rafting was not possible. (The money charged for rafting was returned to us promptly by the organisers.

Then we did kayaking, coracle ride  and jacuzzi bath in the same resort. The bath was refreshing and the kayaking was different being a long peddler you get tired if your don't storke the paddles correctly. And direct also depends on the paddles which should be synchronous.

Then we left for the day, to jungle stay. Where there was on house and surrounded by tents. We had a nice food and there was a camp fire put up for us which was new to us. Enjoyed every bit of the camp fire. Not to forget we had a nice cool beer in the camp fire. It was really good experience, considering you are in a jungle and surrounded by only trees. Be we had a different experience before all this, since we wanted to have beer we had to travel into city to by them. But by the time we returned it was nearly 7.30pm. There was no auto to take us from the junction to the camps. So we had to was nearly 3km in dark only with moons light and the jungle sounds to scare us a bit. This 3km walk from the junction was once in a lifetime experience as we 3 people we walking in side forest with all the insects and animals making sounds. 

Next day morning, we had a guide ready for a jungle trekking. He took us into the jungle early morning. It was a new experience walking in jungle in early morning. There was streams of water passing between our path and also few small ponds. We stopped near a pond which was bit clean and started to bath and enjoy. It so happened that we spend nearly 1 hour in that pond. After returning to camp we packed our bags and had breakfast and left for sight seeing around Dandeli. We show the places CYNTHERI ROCKS, AGODA DAM BACK WATER, MOULANGI & SANGAM RIVER, PICNIC SPOT, SUPA DAM VISIT. We reached back Dhandeli bus stand by 4pm in afternoon and left for Dharward, as we had a booked return train ticket from hubli.

It was a great trip, we lots of fun and away from our hectic professional life. Dhandeli is nice place to visit in rainy season. Summer season can be hot and also water level decline rapidly. And the main attraction white river rafting will be cancelled. So plan your trip accordingly. 


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